APF Pro 12 oz Bottle
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APF Pro 12 oz Bottle

APF Pro is the newest formulation from Auburn Laboratories, developed especially for the equine athlete.

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APF, APF Plus, and APF Pro are the first and only high potency adaptogenic supplements scientifically formulated to protect the equine athlete from the stress of physical conditioning, minimize the effects of transport and environmental stress, support the immune system, and help improve the uptake and utilization of glucose at the cellular level. APF, Plus, and Pro are backed by more than 40 years of scientific and field research. Prolonged stress starves the cells of energy. Adaptogens help the body withstand stress without suffering from adrenal exhaustion or a reduction in energy levels. APF Plus adds extra support for sensitive stomachs. APF Pro is optimized to build or rebuild muscle mass. APF Pro is the newest formulation from Auburn Laboratories, developed especially for the equine athlete. Based on the original formulation, APF Pro contains additional, specific nutrients which have been shown to increase lean muscle mass in response to exercise and to help protect against the development of gastric ulcers caused by stress.

Dosing: Maintenance: 1.5 ml to 2 ml per 250 pounds of body weight daily. Intense training or recovery dose 2.5 ml to 3 ml per 250 pounds of body weight daily.

Ingredients: Contains a water-alcohol extract of: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis, and Aralia mandschurica.

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Can't go without APF!

My horse has Cushing's and when he first went on Pergolide, he got really depressed and had no energy. He also had muscle-wasting which made it hard for him to continue in his dressage training. Within a week of putting him on APF, he was back to normal. I thought after awhile maybe I could back it off, because it is kinda expensive, but when he didn't have it he went back to being ""blah, so now I plan to keep him on it forever. "

An excellent product

In September of 2015 I bought a lovely new horse. I owned 5 others. My new horse was so sweet and docile that I changed his name to Bunny. My other horses refused entry into their herd, they were awful to him. He started showing signs of repressed immunities. He developed rain rot, scald, thrush, etc etc. all of my horses are cared for like royalty and are at the peak of health and fitness. I researched immune boosters and decided to give APF ProEquine a try. The other horses were still fierce to my little Bunny but within weeks I saw a marked improvement in his health. It took a couple of months giving generous doses and Bunny became the epitome of health.I just bought a new eventer/fox hunter, Bunny latched on to his new buddy immediately, but the new guy is being shunned and harassed like Bunny had been by my other horses. I'm not waiting for possible immune system reaction. Ordering APF Pro Equine today!


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