Azodyl Small Capsules 90ct Bottle
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Azodyl Small Capsules 90ct Bottle

Azodyl is a nutritional supplement that reduces azotemia (an increased concentration of compounds that impair the kidneys’ ability to filter and eliminate waste) in cats and dogs.

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ThrivingPets will continue to ship Azodyl Small Capsules with cold packs but we have relaxed our shipping requirements so that you may now ship this medication- FedEx Overnight, FedEx 2Day, or Priority Mail. Please note Azodyl CANNOT ship via FedEx Home Delivery or Free Ground shipping.

Azodyl is a pro-biotic specifically formulated for kidney patients. Each Azodyl capsule contains 15 billion colony forming units (CFU). It is nutritional supplement the makers claim can reduce azotemia (an increased concentration of compounds that impair the kidneys’ ability to filter and eliminate waste) in cats and dogs. Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria that metabolize and flush out uremic toxins that have diffused into the bowel according to Vetoquinol. The distributor claims that Azodyl supports kidney function by providing natural "enteric dialysis" and slows down uremic toxin buildup in the blood to help prevent further kidney damage.

Azodyl is temperature sensitive and should be stored in the refrigerator. ships Azodyl with a cold pack. Please note, cold packs only stay cold for a maximum of 24 hours. This item is only shipped on Monday through Wednesday. Expedited shipping is strongly encouraged if it is hot when you order this product. recommends that you make arrangements to have someone receive the order and immediately put this product in the refrigerator. Another option is to leave out an ice-chest with some cold packs and a note asking the delivery person to put the order in the chest. All sales are final, accepts no responsibility for the condition of this product after it leaves our pharmacy. Returns are not accepted on this item because we can not ensure that it has been stored and transported properly. No credit will be given for orders that are received with warm or hot Azodyl. Please note that this product may be stored without refrigeration for at least 14 days according the manufacturer- Kibow Biotech.

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