IV Admin Set DEHP-Free ICU Medical (Hospira) 80 Inch Length
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IV Admin Set DEHP-Free ICU Medical (Hospira) 80 Inch Length

The ICU Medical (formerly Hospira) #12672-28 is a DEHP-Free IV administration set for giving fluids.

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The ICU Medical (formerly Hospira) #12672-28 is a DEHP-Free IV administration set for giving fluids. These iv sets are macro drip sets with 15 drops per ml, have an injection port, luer lock, and are 80" long. Each admin set is sterile and individually packaged. Veterinary IV sets are sometimes referred to as Venosets.

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Jane Shen

Tubing is great, and helps the flow rate stay fast to make the process quick.

Zane Edgens

IV Admin Set DEHP-Free ICU Medical (Hospira) 80 Inch Length

Pretty good sets

Only thing about these that I don't care for is that the tubing is so soft that after the clamp has been closed on it for awhile, it requires some manipulation of the tubing to get it to open up again.

Jeanne S
My favorite set

This is the set the vet gave me initially. The flow is nice and fast, but not too fast, and the quality is great. I couldn't find them on Amazon so I bought a couple of different brands. None of them were as good as these are and they were so slow. Buying them from ThrivingPets is the best deal. Even after shipping cost the price is the same or better. I ordered 6 at a time so it really made it worthwhile. The shipping fee was the same for me whether I bought 1 or 6 so definitely play with the quantity vs the shipping cost. For reference, I use these on my 65 pound lab with 1 inch, 18 gauge needles. He doesn't even flinch and it only takes a few minutes to get him the fluid he needs. Good luck and I hope your baby feels better soon.

My favorite IV set

I've used several brands, lengths and styles, and this one, 80"" DEHP free with injection port is my favorite. Never a problem with it, I just have to be sure I tighten clamp all the way. I don't use the injection port, but I may need to one day and want the option. Since I warm my fluids, and part of the line, DEHP free is better for that too. Highly recommend this one.""


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