IV Extension Set DEHP-Free ICU Medical (Hospira) 30 Inch Length
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IV Extension Set DEHP-Free ICU Medical (Hospira) 30 Inch Length

30 inch IV extension set that can be used to administer subQ fluids with a syringe.

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30 inch IV extension set that can be used to administer subQ fluids with a syringe. The set is 30" long, has a priming volume of 4ml. Please note this is an extension set NOT a traditional IV admin set. This set is typically used to extend an IV admin set or to give fluids using the syringe method. Veterinary IV sets are sometimes referred to as Venoset.

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Dawn Gambacurta

Great for giving sub q fluids with a syringe to my cat with kidney disease.

Leslee Dasher
Nice for giving fluids

I bought these for giving fluids to our foster pets. The winged infusion sets are costly and I need better control than taking directly from the fluid bag. These work great for giving fluids with a syringe. My only wish is that they were 18" instead of 30".

So happy to find these!

It's so hard to find plain old extension sets on google. It's also hard to find the syringe method on google. I keep coming across inexpensive extension sets with these different bores and weird descriptions that I don't understand. I try to look up the explanation of all the different types of extension sets but there's NOTHING! I don't want to get the wrong thing, so I'm so glad I can get them here even if the price is higher. At least I don't have to stress over getting the wrong thing.


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