ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Fine Powder USP 50g Jar
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ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Fine Powder USP 50g Jar

Aluminum Hydroxide is a pharmaceutical grade phosphorus binder that is used to reduce phosphorus levels in cats and dogs with renal failure.

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ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide is a pharmaceutical grade phosphorus binder for cats and dogs with renal failure. This product is virtually odorless and tasteless- making it a great choice to mix into food or administer with a treat. ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide powder is the most popular form of this medication and currently has an expiration of 11/31/26. The technical name of ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder is Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel Powder USP. Returns of ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder are prohibited by law.

Why ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide?

ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Fine Powder USP is the highest quality, most potent, and safest product on the market. Our product meets the USP standard for safety by guaranteeing safe levels of heavy metals and arsenic. Non-USP grade products may contain unsafe levels of arsenic and heavy metals.

ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder contains a minimum concentration of 1,200 mg per teaspoon- the highest concentration available. Non pharmaceutical grade products in the marketplace contain concentrations of 1,000 mg per teaspoon or even less. With ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder you administer less powder and can be confident in the purity and safety of our binder compared to the other options.


A 2001 study by Peter Markewell (BSc, BVetMed, MRCVS) for the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition found that "...using a phosphate- and protein-restricted diet, in combination with oral phosphorus-binding agents in those cats in which control of hyperphosphatemia [high phosphorus] and RHPTH [renal secondary hyperparathyroidism] was not achieved by diet alone, resulted in more than doubling of average survival time from the commencement of treatment."


Aluminum Hydroxide should be administered with food. This is a dose-to-effect medication, the dose should be adjusted to achieve the desired phosphorus level with the typical target of 4.0. ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Fine Powder USP contains a minimum of 1,200 mg of Aluminum Hydroxide per teaspoon. There are approximately 20 teaspoons of powder in the 50 gram jar.

Initial dosing recommendations from Dr. Larry Nagode of Ohio State University Vet School

Blood Phosphorus Level     Recommended Initial Dose per pound of body weight per day

5 - 5.99                                    25 mg / pound

6 - 7.99                                    50 mg / pound

8 - 9.99                                    100 mg / pound

Higher than 10                         consult with your veterinarian

Maximum recommended dose according to Dr. Larry Nagode is 200 mg / pound of body weight per day.

Concentration- milligrams of Aluminum Hydroxide Powder per spoon measurement

1/12 teaspoon = 100 mg

1/8 teaspoon = 150 mg

1/4 teaspoon = 300 mg

1/2 teaspoon = 600 mg

3/4 teaspoon = 900 mg

1 teaspoon = 1200 mg

2 teaspoons = 2400 mg

1 tablespoon = 3600 mg

If you need assistance figuring out the dose for your pet, please call us, use the online chat function, or email us.

For wet food: Place the food in the serving bowl, add the ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder to the food, add water equal to 3 times the amount of the powder, mix thoroughly, and let the food sit for at least 15 minutes before serving. The water and letting the food sit are to help the powder hydrate and the particles to break down so your pet can't detect the powder in the food.

For dry food: Place the daily amount of food and ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder into a zip-lock bag and shake well. Let sit for at least 4 hours to allow the powder to absorb into the oil in the food.

Drug Interactions (Source:


As Prescribers' Digital Reference mentions, products containing citrate may increase the absorption of aluminium, which could increase the risk of aluminium toxicity (though apparently these findings have not been replicated in cats). The most commonly used citrate-containing products in CKD cats are potassium citrate (perhaps to treat metabolic acidosis), and many therapeutic kidney diets.

If you are using potassium citrate, give this at least two hours apart from aluminium-based binders.

Other Interactions

  • Plumb's also recommends separating aluminium hydroxide from corticosteroids.

  • Aluminium hydroxide should ideally be given separately from oral iron supplements because the aluminium hydroxide may reduce the absorption of the iron.

  • Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook also advises giving aluminium hydroxide two hours apart from famotidine (Pepcid AC), which is used to treat excess stomach acid, because it may interfere with the absorption of the treatment, which would make it less effective. However, RX Med states that "concomitant use of aluminum hydroxide/magnesium hydroxide at commonly used doses, does not influence the pharmacodynamics or bioavailability of Pepcid AC." I would try to err on the side of caution and still separate famotidine from phosphorus binders and ACE inhibitors if you can, but if this is difficult for you, e.g. because of work commitments, just do the best you can.

  • Aluminium hydroxide binders should be given two hours apart from ACE inhibitors, because the binder may reduce the bioavailability of the ACE inhibitors. Drugs has more information about this.

  • Pennstate Hershey mentions that vitamin C may interact adversely with products containing aluminium, such as phosphorus binders. Cats do not need vitamin C supplements anyway, because their bodies can manufacture all the Vitamin C they need.

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Customer Reviews

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Jayne Rising
works for me!

Shipping was prompt, the price was reasonable. What’s not to love?

Kelly Doudna
treatment for my kidney cat

My 16-year-old cat’s veterinarian recommended that she start taking aluminum hydroxide for its phosphorus-binding property to help treat her stage 2 kidney disease. It mixes easily into my cat’s wet food and, as far as I can, tell is tasteless to her. It’s an easy thing to do which will hopefully benefit her health. I’ve ordered from Thriving Pets twice so far and both times they've fulfilled in less than a week.

D. Wise

The product is working for my cat with kidney disease. Her blood work shows the phosphorus levels within range. Thank you

Daniel Jordinelli

This has worked very well for my 15 plus year old dog.

Pam Bell
Great supplement!

Really seems to be helping my cat with kidney issues


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